Ned Henderson

Ned was a  friend, collaborator and a competitor of  George Snaith, they were often seen searching the hedgerows for suitable shanks. Ned’s favourite subjects for his sticks fish but he could also make a good plain stick. Unfortunately when he died his collection of sticks was dispersed among  relatives and friends, however this year (2007) I was approached by one of his descendents to join a head and shank together and he brought me two sticks which  I photographed  and  am including them in the Gallery

Ned Henderson with one

of his sticks, probably

taken at his home.

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A Brown Trout taken by a Pike, the Pike is part

horn and part shank. It is possible to make out

the joint just opposite the fork in the Brown Trout’s tail.

Close up of Pike and Trout

The shank on this stick is